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anthony sandesh

About Me

Hey there, tech adventurers! I'm Anthony, a Master's student in AI at San Jose State University, armed with dual degrees in Computer Science from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, and JNTUH University, India. My journey through the vast lands of academia and industry has leveled up my skills in AI, machine learning, and software security.

I'm on a quest to use AI to solve real-world puzzles and spark innovation. Always chasing the next tech upgrade, I'm eager to tackle new challenges and bring some geeky magic to exciting projects. Let's join forces and push the boundaries of what's possible—one algorithm at a time!


Technical Skills

Machine Learning
Fullstack Development

Professional Skills

  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Project Management
  • Creativity


Masters in Artificial Intelligence From San Jose State University, California, USA

Jan 2024 - Present

Currently pursuing my master's degree with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, exploring advanced topics in machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics.

AI Product Management By Dr. Marily Nika

Jan 2024 - May 2024

AI Product Management course by Dr. Marily Nika, gaining a comprehensive understanding of AI integration in product development. This certification equipped me with the skills to manage AI-driven projects effectively, from ideation to deployment. I am now proficient in bridging the gap between AI technology and practical business applications.

Masters in Computer science From Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Karlskrona, Sweden

Jan 2022 - June 2023

Achieved a master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering, specializing in cutting-edge research areas such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, and software engineering. Authored and published a thesis paper on ""System Integration and Verification Verdict Automation using Machine Learning"", exploring Automation of CI/CD verification results by analyzing output data and proposing suitable methods for providing assessments.

IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate IBM

Jan 2020 - Feb 2021

Completed the rigorous IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate program, gaining comprehensive knowledge in machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. Developed practical skills through hands-on projects, quizzes, and assignments, solidifying understanding of key concepts and methodologies.

Bachelors in Computer science From JNTUHCEH, Hyderabad, India

July 2018 - Jan 2022

Earned a Bachelor of Technology degree with a major in Computer Science and Engineering. Engaged in a diverse curriculum covering fundamental principles of computer science, including algorithms, data structures, and software development.

Work Experience

Machine learning Engineer at INTONE inc.

July 2022 - July 2023
Responsibility :
  • Developed and deployed a machine learning model for predicting the likelihood of sensitive data being unmasked, enhancing data security and privacy measures.
  • Led a face recognition project aimed at automating employee attendance tracking, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy in attendance management.
  • Applied advanced NLP techniques to enhance automated text classification.
  • Led data analysis driving data-driven decisions, offering actionable insights from key metrics.

Master Thesis Student at Ecrisson

January 2023- June 2023
Responsibility :
  • Automate interpretation of CI/CD verification results by analyzing output data and proposing suitable methods for providing assessments. Also develop tools with user interface to provide interpretation of verification results and experiment with the test team to find the best solution.

Artificial Intellignece Intern at Smartknower

Responsibility :
  • Done project on CNN using Transfer Learning with the team of 4.
  • With CNN, I have done computer vision project.

Data Science & Business Analytics at The Sparks Foundation

Responsibility :
  • Created Data visualization graphics, translating complex data sets into comprehensive visual representations. Translated cost/benefits of machine learning technology for non-technical audiences.

App Developer intern at Cedar IT

Responsibility :
  • Developed an android application on church management with the team of 7.
  • Learned and build a website in angular framework and later converted that angular site into a mobile application using Ionic Framework


Personal Finance Analysis using Local LLM
System Integration and Verification Verdict Automation using Machine Learning

pneumonia/covid classification

Deep Learning

Virtual Mouse

Media Pipe

Image classification

Transfer Learning

Digit Recognizor


Image classification

Sk Learn

Forcasting covid 19 cases

FB Prophet

Sentiment Analysis For News Headline


Contacts Web App


Supermarkets USA analysis


Covid Analytics